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Mini Deerstalker

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In honor of 221B Con which I am sadly unable to attend, I’m posting directions on making your own mini deerstalker over the next couple of days.

First choice is the fabric. I found a number of small scale herringbone fabrics online. But a houndstooth weave is also seen in many incarnations of the infamous Sherlock hat.







Houndstooth fabric


Either way, make sure it is fine enough for something like a tiny hat. Fine enough as in not a coat weight fabric. Look for keywords like skirt weight or drapey.

You will see a houndstooth weave in the photos.

You picked a nice soft fabric, now I want it to be stiffer.  Thin and stiff… nope, I’m not going to make an off-color joke.

Here I used an iron-on interface


The advantage is that now I can mark right on the back of the fabric and don’t have to worry about unraveling.


The Pattern

The free pattern was downloaded years ago from a site that has since deleted it.

I printed it out and used the copy machine at work to shrink it down to the size I wanted.

I’m linking to the original printout leaving all the original proprietary info intact.

Page #1

Page #2

If you don’t have access to a copy machine, you can just paste the .jpg into a MSWord type program and shrink it down before printing. Make sure to keep the aspect ratio intact.

I wanted my hats small but not too tiny. I shrank it until each (pie) section was 3 inches wide.

The mistake I made the first time was not redrawing the seam allowance. It shrank along with the rest of the hat.

I ended up with a ¼ in seam which made it trickier than it needed to be.

Cut 6 of the pie shapes.

Cut 4 ‘flap’ shapes.

Cut 4 ‘ brim’ shapes.


More tomorrow

I love sewing! (and Sherlock)


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March 14, 2014 at 10:08 am

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Hat Tutorial (not mine)

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Dreamstress just did a great blog on refurbishing a modern straw hat into something costume worthy.

A bergére, a new word for a hat I know you’ve seen, but maybe only in paintings.


She did an excellent tutorial with clear instructions and photos that actually help explain the process.  And no wasted steps.

If straw hats cost more, I think it might take more boldness to cut into them and maybe more handholding in the instructions, but seriously, what harm can you do? It is a cheap straw hat.

Go for it!

I love sewing!


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March 28, 2013 at 3:30 pm

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DragonCon 2012 – Hats and Clay

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As usual at DragonCon, my roommates all head off to stand in line and see the media stars while I enjoy small panels. Well, Costuming used to be a small panel.  Every year the track is growing.

I still love the new set up and was glad to see it when I got to my first panel Hat Craft. As this is probably the fifth panel I’ve attended over the years with a focus on hats there wasn’t anything stunning to reveal; just lots of good advice, some good sources and encouragement.  A lovely start for the con.

Sources mentioned during the Hat Craft panel

http://www.amazondrygoods.com/  the site seems to be up and running again. Yeah!


http://hatsupply.com/index.htm#  – Hats by Leko – a source I’ve personally used and could recommend.


http://www.spotlightfashionsseattle.com/  – skull caps and headdress bases (very cool)


My next panel was over in the Art Track – Polymer Clay for Costumers

The young woman whose name may have been Christi,  had lots of ideas and pretty pictures for ‘faking’ all kinds of things from polymer clay. Samples of jewels, stones, metal, and beautiful enameled pieces were out to see.

Unfortunately, as I’m new to clay, it was a bit over my head. I appreciated the ideas and will try them eventually. If nothing else, I learned that once you use your oven for polymer clays then it shouldn’t be used for food.

Sources mentioned during the Polymer Clay Panel


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September 20, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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Our First Dealer’s Table

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Jamie and Meg at the Dealer's Table

Jamie and Meg at the Rhymes With Stitch dealer’s table. It must have been early in the weekend since there are still lots of hats on the table.

And yes, in front of Meg, that is a gen-u-wine Hoss Cartwright hat; one of the few full-size hats that came home with us. Anyone need a last minute cowboy costume?
I love sewing.

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October 27, 2011 at 1:26 pm

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