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A few weeks ago I had the chance to really do some skill building that I hope pays off this year.

I attended the American Embroidery Conference, a gathering of machine embroidery enthusiast, digitizers and sales folks. Usually I would make some nasty remark about the sales people but these were really quite nice.

My favorite part was being around folks who ‘speak’ creativity. 

If you know me, you know I’m not shy and plopped myself in the middle of more than one conversation to meet people. And of course, I found the ‘cool table’ while still in line for my badge.

It is so fun to sit with women as smart and snarky as myself. Did I mention it was held at the beautiful Palm Beach Gardens Embassy Suites? Oh, and Embassy Suites have a free happy hour. Woot!

Ok, back to skills. The conference is set up similar to a SF Con with classrooms and a dealer/vendor room.  I was originally surprised by the extra kit fees that aren’t really mentioned on the website but the reality is most sewing classes have kit fees. And I can say every one of my hands-on classes were worth the extra bucks.

I was most looking forward to the free-standing lace lecture but the teacher was bogged down by students not really ready to digitize at that level.  I enjoyed it anyway.  Creating lace on a embroidery machine is thread intensive but to make something that is so unique, hey, I think it would be worth the work (and money)

I knew the pants- fitting class would be interesting but really it was simply fabulous. I got so much out of it. Hopefully I can remember at least a portion of it.  We used a Sewing Workshop pattern and made up muslins then the teacher fitted us individually.

You know, she looks at your tush and ‘reads’ the wrinkles. It was all smiles, frowns and more wrinkles … the pants I mean. I was told my love handles aren’t a matching set. (left was bigger) who knew?  When I was done the muslin was pretty much smooth, you know, after I followed her directions. (Crotch depth adjustment and some side seam movement) Very cool.  Hopefully this will pan out with some clothes I can wear to work.

More later!

107 Days to DragonCon

I love Sewing.


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May 17, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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This project is for another cohort traveling to D*Con with me. She needed something to wear under a corset. It needed to add something to her costume but mostly cover her ta-tas and tush.

Full costume shots after D*Con but the embroidery is a hint.

luna moth embroidery

The slip was super simple. It is cut totally on the bias and drops on like a dream.  I snagged it from Modern Patterns for free.

Modern Patterns has downloadable .pdf that you print out at home and tape the 8 ½ x 11 sheets together. It is a hassle but the patterns sometimes are lifesavers.  Last minute or super simple patterns that you don’t want to pay for. (ignoring the price of printing)

You need Acrobat and make sure you include “print marks” and “labels” so that you have some help laying out pages.

I do it while watching tv.

I love sewing!

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August 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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Steampunk Skirt

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My buddy Skippy is heading for DragonCon in a few days and I just finished the embroidery on one of her costumes.

Brown skirt - front

This started out as a nice thrift shop find. The long buckskin colored skirt has a lovely kick-pleat to make walking easy (or even possible in such a fitted style skirt)

She wanted a more SteamPunk twist on it and we decided on a border of gears with some more on the pocket flaps.

Instead of reinventing the wheel (aka gears) I bought the Urban Threads pattern. They have ‘hip’ embroidery designs. Hip? Goth? Groovy? I don’t know, but definitely not your grandma’s vest embroidery.

I chose to do it in solid dark brown mostly because the multicolor sampler I ran looked meh. Skippy agreed.

Pictures of the complete costume including pith helmet after its debut at DragonCon

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August 26, 2010 at 12:33 pm

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