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Wednesday’s Rant – Breast Binding

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Last week at Atlanta’s Sherlock Con, 221B, there was a costuming panel that got me irritated and I need to rant a bit.

Good Reasons to bind you breasts with a binder/ace bandages that are properly applied

  • You are getting paid for some type of theater performance
  • You are doing a few hours of cosplay and want your sweater puppies under control
  • You are a man trapped in a busty woman’s body. (no sarcasm, this is a good reason to get familiar with a good binding system until a more permanent  solution can be reached)

 Good Reasons to use duct tape as a binder – there are none.

  • Ok, maybe you are undercover and running for your life.

Spending a weekend tightly bound in a binder, ace bandages, and duct tape, just to cosplay a man is the stupidest way to invite mastitis, inverted nipples and soft tissue damage into your life. I had planned on including images, but they are all too gross. Google mastitis if you need something to turn your stomach.

And do you really think a woman with an F-cup is going to fool anyone into thinking she is really Benedict Cumberbatch?

One of the wonderful things about costuming for a con, is that you can just be a woman dressed as Sherlock. You don’t have to be the exact size, shape, color or even sex as your inspiration.

Enjoy your body but respect it too.


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April 24, 2013 at 11:27 am

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