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Any panels I attend at DragonCon are going to be from the Costuming track. And every year it gets better. More crowded, but I guess that is what they want. Me, I miss being able to camp out on a chair all day, totally selfishly soaking up all the brilliance coming off the front of the room. Le sigh.

Btw, I love the new layout of the room, but they need a new projector stand, that one blocked more than it showed.

I made it to Tayloring (sic) – Chris Mueller was on the ball and I really was interested in what was said about interfacing. I’ve made all those mistakes. I learned more about flat-lining – good stuff

I skipped the basics panel but was back for the molding and casting props panel. This was my first panel with “The Engineer Guy” – great addition to the track. Good speaker, very soft sales pitch with lots of info and he handled the audience like a pro.  Would recommend him and all his products.

Saturday I attended You can Actually do that? – Scott Merrill is brilliant, ‘nuf said.

Meet the Winners was really interesting, more fun than watching the judging last year.

Life Casting was “The Engineer Guy” and he once again did a great job. I would love to see more of what you can do with your life cast. 

I was disappointed by the cancelation of provocative patterns in Fetish Fashion, but standing in that line was pretty entertaining.

I wasn’t able to get into Dragon After Dark once again. I just can’t do those long lines.  Someday maybe.

Sunday’s Costumes of History was fun, but I think there were too many cooks for the kitchen. Of course, I could sit and listen to Freddy Clements talk for hours. He had this amazing ‘tin man’ costume based on the outfit men wore under armor. And it was sewn with ironing board covering material, so cool.

Pamela Cole was in her element talking about historical underwear, lol, seriously, the discussion on silhouette was one of my favorite of the con.

I hated the way we were broke up in groups to do the Electronics and Animation, but only because I could only attend one. sigh. The speaker/demo I picked was Dia Campbell. She was a hoot. She showed us easy lighting on fabric perfect for the electronic-phobe.

When I finally found the Fashion Show it was almost over. It is a great idea and I hope they keep it for next year. I was surprised that more dealers didn’t get involved.

The Curvy Corsets was pretty basic, nothing I haven’t heard in previous years.  But I did get to see some gorgous samples from the audience and talk to some talented folks.

I did make the Andrew Clement SPX demo, he had some major tech issues but he was a professional and kept plugging away.

Monday was supposed to be my long day at the con but the Botul-coli-monella shortened my day considerably.  I did make it to Fabric Dying to watch “the great Rit debate” hehehe.

This brings me to something I plan to pass along to Lee, the king of the track – Freddie, Scott, Chris, Pam and a few others do a really good job of balancing the info for the costuming track between those of us who are learning and on a budget, and folks who can drop big bucks to recreate characters.  

The really good panels share the whole spectrum of ideas. I loved seeing the foam board transformer as much as I loved the Daft Punk outfit that cost more than my car.  And I don’t want someone dissing on one end or the other.

This isn’t to say, I think someone who pulls a towel out of the cabinet and says they are the old spice guy should get the same kudos as someone who worked all year on an amazing blinking wizbang with stilts, just enjoy each for what they bring to the table.

I love sewing!


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