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Parasol Project 3

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With the basics out of the way, let’s look at the finished parasols.

 We planned three parasols for the upcoming con season.

The one I mentioned in previous posts is called the Mermaid

As originally planned, we embroidered koi on alternating panels and re-used the original grey canopy. 

Once the embroidery was finished we had started to regret keeping the gray fabric as it ‘flattened’ the design. Not as ‘oceany’ as we had hoped.  At that point we added some seaweed embroidery.

Still no love. It needed something.

Fringe?  After searching in vain for a good storebought fringe and playing with a friend’s knitted shawl at a gathering of crafty women, I decide to create my own “seaweed” fringe. Using a variegated green boucle yarn and following the same pattern I kept seeing at fabric store.  I zigzagged the yarn onto the edge of the parasol. Looping the yarn around to hang I zigzagged again. It was slow but totally worth the effect of seaweed edging.

What do you think?

Koi parasol top view

Tomorrow the Steampunk parasol.

I love sewing!



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August 20, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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