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I follow about 6 or 7 sewing blogs religiously; I’ll try and link all of them before the end of this post.

Some I follow to learn from like Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic  or Sigrid  both amazing women who I wish I could follow around like a puppy.

 Some I follow to be inspired, I adore reading Miss Celie’s Pants  And even though she is young and thin and wears a fashion forward look, I get a lot out of her bravery to try anything, and how she deals with failures plus she is a military brat. What’s not to love?

 One I follow just to be intimidated – Pins and Needles  Somerset is super woman and I am just stunned at the amount of creating she does. ( I think of her as a crafting terminator, but in the nicest way)

 I read The Selfish Seamstress to laugh but she sneaks in plenty of usable info too, plus links to other fun blogs. Oh and she does sewing haiku

I mended your pants.
Might still be some pins in them.
Just kidding! … or not.

The selfish seamstress

But one of the first sewing blogs I found was Debbie Cook’s blog Stitches and Seams. Like a lot of folks I ran across her blog researching coverstitch/sergers. She had some wonderful (and clear) comparison chart that really helped a newbie. I came for the tutorials and stayed for the fun blog. I read her for probably 6 months before I realized she was local.

A week or so ago I read she was making bubble-wrap based costumes for her sons to wear to MetroCon, and I told myself that if I spotted two young men in bubble-wrap I was totally going to tell them to tell ‘Mom’ how much I loved her blog. And I did! I spotted them just before my panel started and was able to creep them out ah, talk to them.

I admire their follow through, those outfits looked warm. But they weren’t alone; there were a lot of sweating folks.  Florida in summer is hot, who knew?

Anyway, I hope they had fun.



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July 29, 2010 at 9:45 am

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