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This last weekend was MetroCon. We had a blast and I got to show off the parasols and petticoats at a panel on costuming on the cheap.

No pictures from the Con as I lost my camera on the way. le sigh.

As I promised – the directions for the Petti’s – This links directly to a reprint of a 1956 TV guide article featuring a Lawernce Welk dancer known for her colorful pettis. (WARNING – wandering off this page onto anything else at the pettipond site is not recommended for the faint of heart/prudish. This is a petti-fetish site)


paraphrased from site –

To make it you need 

nine yards of Nylon net (Tulle)  – 72 inches wide

48 yards of satin ribbon – one-inch wide 

Take one yard and cut top with net double thickness in complete circle. Length of top depends on person’s height. 

Cut remaining eight yards of net lengthwise into eight strips, each nine inches wide. Each strip will be eight yards long. Gather and sew two strips of net to bottom of circular top. Gather and sew the remaining six strips of net to bottom of first ruffle. Bind bottom with ribbon. Finished petticoat is 48 yards at hem.

This makes a 50’s length petti, for a Lolita petti I would try half the length of tulle and then cut the strips to half the width.

We did the long strips (8 yards) by folding along the long length and cutting the 72 in width in half, then the (2) 36 inch wide (by 8 yards)  get cut in half again so now you have (4)  18 in wide by 8 yards long.  Divide again and you have (8) 9in wide by 8yard long strips.

Anyone who makes one and wants to show it off, email me a picture and we will post it here.



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