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Project Parasol – 2

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Decorating ideas for your parasol

  • use a great fabric and recover it
  • paint it
  • embroider it
  • …sky is the limit

If you deside to change the fabric you might want to hunt down a particlar Threads Magazine. (Library?) They did an article about recovering an umbrella in issue 145 (Dec 2009?)  You can see the abridged version here

I found it a bit intimidating, at first.  Segments and Ribs and Ferrules, oh my!

Pieces and Parts from Threads Mag

I’m sticking with just cutting metal off of it and resizing the entire thing.

Looking at the underside, and folding it up a couple of times I could see the shortest point I could use. Any farther up the “Rib” and it would hang up on the “Stretcher”.  So, my umbrella was going from 46 inches wide to a petite 22 inches wide. Each rib being half that measure, I cut them off at 11 inches long. “I” actually being my HHB, the Handy Handsome Boyfriend, Norm. (HHB* registered tradmark of Rhymes with Stitch, or not)

Before any metel trimming, we removed the fabric and rib tips. It only took a couple of snips to cut the threads tying it to the umbrella. Then popping off the ferrule, that little ring at the top holding your fabric in place. Remember I’m using a cheap IKEA umbrella, your ferrule may need some work to come off. Take your time, you don’t want to rip any fabric you hope to reuse or bend that ferrule.

To cut the ribs down HHB used some very big wire cutters but said I could have used the dremel if I didn’t have said very big wire cutters laying around.  photo coming

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