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All the Pretty Dresses

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The Rhymes with Stitch consortium had our first playdate… ah… organized learning experience.

The Florida International Museum at St Petersburg College is currently displaying CUT! Costume and the Cinema. The collection is actual movie costumes created by Cosprop of London. The attraction for us was that Cosprop is all about historic accuracy.

The exhibit is open until May 16th

I liked seeing the sumptuous fabrics and incredible details. I think we had every docent and guard come by and remind us not to touch anything. Ok, we might have made them a bit nervous getting down on our knees and looking up dresses. Or holding hands to balance while we leaned over the displays like Wily Coyote over a cliff.  By the end of the visit we had three docents around us discussing vintage clothes and types of fabrics. If Meg had had her business cards I think she could have passed out a half dozen.

 The display is small, only 43 outfits and the accompanying movie playing on a loop doesn’t seem to belong to this exhibit.  But, it did make me want to see the V&A museum in England.

 I definitely got something for my $5. Those elaborate outfits are so many layers of design, well planned layers to build not just shapes but color depth. I would have liked the displays to be brighter lit but understand that it helps protect the fabrics to keep the lighting low.

 I’ve picked out a dress from The Prestige to copy, or at least riff off,  for my next SteamPunk outfit. More on that as I get closer to it. (and hopefully a screen cap to use along with all my wild scribbles done on the fly)

 Jamie and Meg liked the billowy red dress shown on most of the ads for the exhibit. It is huge and made of miles red silk. Silk Gauze, who knew it was so gorgous.  The amazing dress is from a political satire Land of the Blind and worn by the tiny Laura Flynn Boyle. That chica is tiny!


 Totally worth it with student discount.


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