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Project Parasol

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Next project is Project Parasol

Parasol literally means to shield from the sun.

Let me tell ya, anyone who has been in full costume during a Florida summer knows a parasol is worth considering. Don’t forget, they are fun to swish around too.

 Once you have decided to incorporate one into your ‘look’ the next step is choking on the price of even simple ones.

 But an umbrella is much too big to take seriously as a parasol. Not only do you look ‘wrong’, you have a heavy, space hogging object that folks at a Con are going to be glaring at…yes, even the cute young things get the hairy eyeball in a crowded hallway.

So, I’m turning a $1.99 IKEA umbrella into a dainty yet effective parasol.

IKEA umbrella $1.99

  • Pick a working umbrella.  New, used or IKEA
  • Are you going to use other fabric or just reuse what is there?
  • Are you going to decorate it?

Have some plan/sketch/idea in mind before you start clipping and cutting.

I’m not an artist so my plans are mostly just words. (and some barely identifiable scribbles )

 My plan is to reuse the gray fabric but embroider every other “pie slice” with a Koi. Since the fabric is gray, I’m adding orange, black and white Koi. There are 8 ‘slices’ so I need 4 designs. I’m hoping to have the designs cut-out. We will see if I can get it to work.  

Take a look underneath. Where do the parts move? Don’t plan anything that interferes. You don’t want a parasol that doesn’t collapse on command. 

End of Part 1


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March 5, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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