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Original Sewing and Quilting Expo

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Tampa 2010

 Pros – vendors of all those things you seen in blogs and forums- you can touch and feel and grope some really cool toys. You can see some nice demos. I’m a hands-on gal and I could spend the whole day in the Vendor hall. (which I should have done)

            -small but lovely displays of quilts and even, gasp, garments!

            – nice people, anywhere you sit you can start a conversation. I met some charming  ladies

Cons – most of the lecture type classes are just sales pitches.

            did I mention that some of the classes are a waste of money?

 Ok, this was my third time and I should have known better. My first OSQE was many years ago. I spent most of the day in classes and didn’t leave enough time to really peruse the stuff for sale. But my classes were with people like Cynthia Guffey who is actually teaching something along with a very restrained pitch. And that is the only thing restrained about her, she is a crack-up and talent just oozes out of her. I want to snuggle up against her like a cat marking her territory hoping some of her talent rubs off.  (but I wouldn’t want to work for her, wow, she is a perfectionist)

My other stuff was more hands-on. The best part was these wonderful women who were years ahead of me in age and sewing skills helping me through. I will always appreciate the  mom/teacher type who stopped me from slicing off my finger with one of weird circle slicey things (aka my first encounter with a rotary cutter)

 After “my epiphany” in sewing, I attended last year. Again I did a huge amount of classes, and even took time off work to really soak in the experience and hang out all day for three days. Some of the classes were good, (Cynthia looking a bit more grey than blond but still a pistol was still very informative) but many where really so-so or just plain bad. Melanie Coakley did one great class, so great I rearranged my schedule to attend what turned out to be a three hour pitch for Floriani that I could have got at the booth for free. That was ~$45 I could have spent on stabilizer instead.

 So, this year I limited myself to the minimum number to qualify for the cheap rate. Next year I may just buy a hall pass. (~$10 a day)

Well, I have to say I really enjoyed Diana Cedolia’s Digitzing lecture. Not having a laptop, I’m limited to lectures on software instead of hands-on but she had a plan and gave out clear directions. Even though she was using a different program, I feel like I got something out of it.

 Jim Suzio  is a man after my own sewing heart, he does copycats and he does them on the cheap.

The great part was getting to grope the dresses he sewed that were part of the garment display. As a teacher, I found him a bit disorganized but as a student he was very fun to listen too. I would count this class as very inspirational.

Hope Yoder  taught the other class I took. le sigh. Such a nice lady. Local, Funny. Obviously very talented; I wanted to love the class. Again, not so much. She is selling a button making do-hicky. A very pricey button making do-hicky. And she was pitchin’ it hard.  Now, if said button making do-hicky made garment buttons of reasonable and variable size, it would have been an easy sale. But how many 1 ½ in fabric covered (and/or embroidered) buttons does one need? Well, according to all of the ‘crafts’ displayed. Lots!      ahem.

Just so many dust collectors to me.

 Anyway, all of the embellishment ideas she was sharing were connected in some way to something she was selling. The only redeeming point was she is really talented and passed around some lovely pieces.  

And in the end,  I spent the money “I saved” on Floriani stabilizer (don’t laugh, it is good stuff) and a Fasturn


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